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Affiliate FAQS

Millions of Americans are searching for an answer to their bad credit – be part of helping them find the solution while building your income.
Credit Repair Affiliate Program

In this credit-driven world, it’s simple to see why there is a high demand for a great credit repair affiliate program.

Americans rely on having a solid credit history in order to make any type of big purchase. Lenders won’t even consider a borrower with either poor or no credit. It’s nearly impossible to take out a loan with a “poor” credit rating. That means saying goodbye to a new car or even a family home.
According to Experian, the FICO credit rating ranges from 300-850. While consumers strive for an “exceptional” score of 850, approximately 29% only have a “good” rating of 670-739. Other consumers rank in the lower half of the range, making them a high risk for lenders.
What does all this mean?
Simply put, there is a huge demand for credit repair. Many consumers want to plan for their future and for large purchases, and this includes working to improve their credit rating. With so many scammers and false promises out there, they don’t even know where to begin. That’s where an affiliate marketing and lead generating program comes into play.

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs Lead Consumers in the Right Direction
When it comes time to fix their credit score, the majority of consumers can’t make sense out of the financial jargon. They’re left scratching their heads. That’s why they need someone to talk to who can really answer their questions.
Let’s face it, if credit scores were straightforward and easy-to-understand, most people wouldn’t struggle to improve their own rating. However, algorithms and complex scenarios make it difficult for the average person to boost their score. Some of the questions consumers often ask include:

  • Why is my score so low? If a consumer doesn’t know what’s causing the problem, they certainly can’t fix it.
  • What score do I want?Credit score numbers mean nothing if the consumer doesn’t have a target goal in mind.
  • How long does repair take?Every credit situation is unique, and consumers want to know how long their situation will take to correct.

Since every scenario is different, consumers need options. They need to speak to a living, breathing, and intelligent human before making drastic changes to their credit history. Having a conversation with an expert will ensure they feel confident in their credit repair choices.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs for Credit Repair
Many people stay awake at night worrying about their credit ratings. During every month of the year, there is a huge market for credit repair services. These services, however, need help connecting with potential customers. Credit repair companies rely on affiliates who can help generate leads for those in need of their services.

This is how a credit affiliate program works for everyone:

  • Consumers respond to ads for credit repair services. They may see these on social media, blog sites, or various websites. Clicking on the link brings them a form. They enter their information, and someone responds to their inquiry. After learning more about the credit services provided, they choose to join and close the sale.
  • Credit repair companies need as many affiliate leads as possible in order to turn a profit. They work with a performance marketing agency to generate more leads. The marketing agency extensively promotes the credit repair company through online ads and content. It’s not long before the company sees a huge increase in the number of potential customers who express interest in their credit repair services.
  • Affiliates  work at their own pace and set their own hours. The smarter they work, the more money they make. This is especially true in a high commission credit score affiliate program. Affiliates get paid whenever they produce a solid lead for credit repair.
  • The affiliate network, like LCS, facilitates the connection between everyone involved. 

Ready to Make Money and Help Others Boost Their Credit Score?                                         Become a High-Paid Affiliate Today!

Do you have what it takes to become a credit repair affiliate, ready to work in a fast-paced, highly rewarding field? If you’ve got what it takes, then we want to speak with you about joining our affiliate program.

BUT, getting accepted isn’t a walk in the park. We have high standards for our affiliates  and you must meet all our requirements. After all, keeping our clients happy is always a top priority. But don’t worry—we also treat our affiliates with respect at all times.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You must follow the rules. We don’t call people who don’t want us to call them. Period. That means we abide by all of the TCPA and DNC regulations. When you produce a lead, you must provide paperwork to prove how you received their information.
  • You produce leads who are genuinely interested. We count on you to provide us with serious leads. We want to contact potential customers who really need credit repair and want to take the first steps. We monitor the quality of the leads you provide.
  • You have a strong work ethic. We want to build a long and fruitful relationship with all of our affiliates. If you work hard and stay with us for the long haul, you’ll experience great success…and even greater paychecks.

If this sounds like you, then let’s connect! Be your own boss and work for one of the best affiliate programs out there. Get ready to experience success like never before as an affiliate for Luxe Credit Solutions 

  1. Apply to be an affiliate
    We work with all types of affiliates, from those just starting out, to experienced affiliates with multiple sites. We want to maximize your income as well as streamline the process for you so that you can spend more of your time earning money instead of worrying about administrative issues.
  2. Accept Terms and Conditions
    Our Terms & Conditions provide a comprehensive outline of acceptable and not acceptable practices for a LCS Affiliate.
  3. Application Approved
    Your application will be reviewed before acceptance into the program. After approval you will have access to our creative, content, keywords, sales tracking, and everything needed to add our campaign to your site.
  4. Build our offer into your site 
    If you already have a financial theme to your site, it will be easy to incorporate the LCS services. Make sure your site educates the client and pre-qualifies them for LCS services. Banners and text links are available in the Resources section in the Affiliate Creative.
  5. Refer traffic to
    Use the banners and text links provided to send traffic to Each link has been coded with a unique identifier that tracks back to your campaign. Our cookie tracks for 365 days, which means if an individual waits 8 months to sign-up, you will still receive credit for the sale.
  6. LCS services
    Once an individual clicks a link which directs them they can browse the site to answer any remaining questions and sign up for our services. They can sign up online or by phone; either way the sale is tracked to your account.
  7. Make money
    For each individual that enrolls and pays the required first work fee within the required 15 days, you will earn the applicable affiliate commission from LCS. We pay affiliates according to volume using a monthly tier-based system.

Our dedicated affiliate team is committed to your success. We offer the highest payouts in the industry as well as full tracking and compensation for phone sales.

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